Our Responsibilities


1. Selection

The Preliminary selection or worker is made by Region-Link HR International authority from a huge number of applicant who submit their application to us. After sorting out the upliealions of workers of different categories the overseas employers are contacted and on receipt of genuine demands recruitment permission from the competent authority of Bangladesh Government are taken for further processing to send the workers aboard. This is done within the shortest possible time limit.

2. Medical Check up

After selection and on getting visa, NOC/work permit of the workers/ Candidates are sent for medical examination to the experienced Doctor or to the Clinic, Hospital, nominated by the Embassies of the respective countries located at Dhaka or as advised by the Employer.

3. Execution of Contract / Agreement

Agreement /Contract between employer or their authorized representative and the worker is execute as per labor lows of both the countries. The language of the contract is English.

4. Endorsement of Visa/NOC

On receipt of authenticated genuine power of Attorney from the employers we arrange to obtain Visa/NOC/Work permit from the embassies within the shortest possible time.

5. Government Clearance

After receiving proper work permit/NOC from the respective Embassy we obtain immigration clearance from the director General of Bureau of manpower, Government of Bangladesh, within a period of 3 working days.

6. Orientation

a) We elaborately explain the type and nature of jobs of workers, duties, terms & condition of service, duration of contract, over time facility and other benefits such as severance pay, Insurance benefits etc. This orientation is given in a group in our Training Institute. Such orientation training is also conferred in details by the Bureau of Manpower, Government of Bangladesh.

b) In the training institute Briefing center we discuss the following:
1) Immigration & Employers Requirements,
2) Culture of host country
3) Communication and transportation System of host country
4) Rules & regulation of host country
5) Safety & Security while on duty
6) General hygiene
7) Hostel discipline and behavior
8) Levy & Taxes to be borne by workers
9) Facilities in factories/Companies/Project as Available
10) Insurance of Workers
11) Aircraft discipline during journey.

c) Custom, Trading, Social norms and restriction as of Muslim countries.
Anti religious activities like theft, robbery, murder, rape, matrimonial alliance and breach of any religious norms which are treated as offences are taught to the foreign bound workers.

d) Advice for better relationship with other fellows:-
To quarrel with each other is a great offense.
Foreman’s orders must be followed.
If any problem faced must be informed to foremen.
Not to disclose any company’s secret to others.
Loitering around residential area is strictly restricted.
To use proper dress, Long use proper dress.
Long hair is not acceptable. Hosting Any Other foreign flag is not allowed.
Involvement in local people’s affairs is restricted.
Cleanliness is pre-condition for duty, it is for self benefit.
To be polite, submissive, calm and gentle in performing duty,
so that the and reputation of the Bangladesh people remain unchanged.

e) General Advice
We advice all the expertise to respect the old, seniors and feoff workers by exchanging greeting establishing better relationship among themselves, this be shown by a Salam, salutation or bowing etc.

7. Welfare Measures

We look after the welfare of the workers who proceed to foreign countries under our employment arrangement. We keep communication with the recruiters as well as the families particularly in respect of remittances from aboard, we always provide financial assistance in the form of loan to the recruiter’s family when any emergency arises.

8. Guarantee

If our selected recruiter’s are found unsuitable for work overseas during probation period, We help to repatriate them from the country of employment.

REGION-LINK HR INTERNATIONAL is in a favor of selecting candidates through employers representatives. In the event we are entrusted with the responsibilities of selection of workers we ensure proper selection in accordance with the requirements set up by the employers through our qualified staff. Also services of Technical Institutions are utilized for the purpose of selecting workers of highly technical trades.
On behalf of the clients, we also provide the following service:-

_Advertisement in the local newspapers
_Collection of Application
_Conducting interview and trade testing
_Providing logistic supports
_Orientation on manner an discipline
_Provide medical examination for selected candidates Obtain Passport, Visa, health certificates and other documents
_Obtain necessary permission from government agencies Make travel arrangements
_Provide other Services necessary to keep the moral of workers high


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