Organizer of Establishment

  M. K. Khan
  Principal Officers  
  Mohammed Moniruzzman Munshi
Tanvir Hasan
(Sales Executive)
MD. Farhan Shahriar
(Accounts Manager)
Md Anower Hossain
(Recruitment engineer)

Position/Job Title Quantity General Responsibilities
Procurement GM 01 Looks overall affairs on behalf of the CEO
Manager Engineering & Recruitment 02 Recruitment & Training Dept.
Manager (Admin) 01 Looks overall administrative affairs
Finance Manager 01 Responsible for financial affairs
Security Officer 04 Look overall security of the Company
Protocol Officer 01 distinguished guests including arrangements of
business talks & overall comforts.
Public Relation Officer 01 Maintain liaison with outdoor affairs of the
Accountant 02 Look overall types of transaction and maintain
cash section in a proper way.
Cashier 02 Receive and disburse day to day payments etc.
Law Officer 02 Advice the Company in every legal aspects
a) Computer System Analyst 02 Design, Technical Planning, Analysis and
makes programming layout.
b) Computer Programmer 02 Develop and make programmers.
c) Computer Operator 02 Computer operation and data entries.
a) Executive 03 Engaged in operational all works like obtaining
Recruitment permission from the competent
authority & complete other formalities in
connection with the Recruitment affairs.
b) Translation Section 01 Retranslates the documents into English and
Sometimes English into Foreign language, if necessary.
Steno-Typist & Telex Operator 02 Take all sorts of dictation from any desk when
necessary and type finally.
Operate Telex for outgoing messages to the
overseas clients.
Type all sorts of letters & correspondences etc.
needed by the company at home & abroad.
Perform all sorts of day to day clerical jobs
and keep the records of the office.
Maintenance Supervisor 02 Supervise the works of the Maintenance works
in trade testing center and office as well.
Receptionist 01 comes to the company for official & personal
Responsible to handle the incoming and
outgoing messages of the company.
Telephone Operator 02 Telephone receiving & dispatching.
Peon 10 Peons are always at the back on call
of the officers.
Security Guards 05 Keep keen watch to the security condition of
the premises and the company as a whole.
Drivers 04 Managers and the vehicles engaged in office

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